Add-ons and tools that can be easily integrated with any website and will help in enhancing your visitors’ experience.

Here’s a collection of most useful blog add-ons or extras that can be easily integrated with any website and will help in enhancing your visitors’ experience.

All these add-ons are free.

  1. Google Talk Badge – This badge will enable site visitors to get in touch with you quickly. They won’t need a Google account and the badge is enabled only when you are online. Alternative is meebo me.
  2.  Web2PDF Online – Love this. People can download your articles as PDF files with a click. The PDFs are free of any advertising and you also get full access to stats so you know what articles downloaded most, etc.
  3. HP Blog Printing – This makes your blog printer friendly. Visitors can pick blog posts that they want to print and only the text + images get printed. Everything else including banners, sidebars, etc. are cut off from the printed version.
  4. Outbrain Ratings – The is the best way to add ratings to your blog posts. Outbrain offers two extra advantages as well – your readers can find more stories related to the one they are currently reading and two, they can rate stories even from feed readers.
  5.  Eco Safe Badge – This badge allows website visitors to send a full copy of your web page to any email address in HTML or PDF format. Alternatively, they can download a PDF version of the page in a click. The whole idea is to discourage visitors from printing web pages.
  6.  Scribd iPaper – If you frequently link to PDF files and Microsoft Office documents like doc or xls, the Scribd iPaper add-on will make sure that your content remains accessible even to readers who don’t have Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader. You simply copy-and-paste a small block of code into your webpage, and QuickSwitch converts all the documents in your blog into Flash Paper format hosted on Scribd. If you only link to PDF files, try PDFMeNote script.
  7.  Yahoo! Media Player – If you have an audio blog or frequently link to MP3 files, integrate the Yahoo! media players in your blog template – this auto-detects any MP3 links and creates an embedded player so you are saved from all the hard work.


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